The name of this organization shall be "The North Augusta Council of Garden Clubs".


        1.    To promote the love of gardening, flowers, and environmental well-being.

        2.    To promote, encourage, and coordinate the beautification and education programs of member clubs.

        3.    To encourage selective civic planting and develop civic beauty.

        4.    To promote an annual National Garden Week.

        5.    To assist in the organization of new garden clubs, junior garden clubs, and to help them qualify for membership in the Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc.


        1.    A club must be federated within National Garden Clubs, Inc. before qualifying for membership in Council.

        2.    All members of garden clubs belonging to Council are encouraged to attend all meetings.

        3.    The member clubs shall be represented at all Council meetings by one voting delegate.


        1.    The elected officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice- President, Secretary and Treasurer.

        2.    The elected officers will serve a two year term that is consistent with the administrative cycle within National Garden Clubs, Inc.

        3.    The elected officers may serve no more than two consecutive terms in a single position.

        4.    The President shall appoint a nominating committee at the September meeting in even-numbered years. The nominating committee will report at the following February meeting, and the floor will then be open for additional nominations.

        5.    Elections shall be by acclamation, unless there is more than one nominee for an office, when voting shall be by ballot.


        1.    The President shall preside at all meetings of the Council and the Executive Board, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee. She shall appoint standing and special committee chairmen.

        2.    The Vice-President shall act for the President during her absence, and in the event a vacancy should occur in the office of President, fill her unexpired term. She shall act as general chairman for the educational meeting, and the installation meeting. She shall obtain the installing official. She shall be properties chairman and keep a current inventory of property belonging to Council and shall supervise the use of all Council property. The Vice-President shall be President-Elect and is encouraged to succeed the President.

        3.    The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of members, minutes of all meetings, the bylaws and the important papers of the Council. She shall keep a current list of the Yard of the Month Awards. The Yard of the Month list of past recipients shall be retained for five years.

        4.    The Treasurer shall receive all monies and keep a full and accurate account of receipts and disbursements in a book provided for that purpose. A budget shall be prepared yearly by the President, Vice- President, and Treasurer. The Treasurer shall at anytime be prepared to render an account of the financial condition of Council. There shall be an annual review of the books by someone other than an executive committee member.


        1.    The Council shall be governed by an Executive Committee composed of the elected and appointed officers and immediate past president.

        2.    The Executive Committee shall meet prior to the regular meetings.

        3.    Prior to the Council meetings, any business to be voted upon by Council shall be presented in writing to the member clubs before eachclub'sregularmonthlymeeting.


        1.    Each member club shall pay yearly dues of $5.00 per member, based on the number of members on their roll in March. These dues shall be sent to the Council Treasurer by April 1, along with a list of club members and officers.

        2.    No monies shall be spent unless budgeted. Funds cannot be transferred from one budgeted item to another without a majority vote of Council. Budgeted funds not spent shall be left in the treasury.

        3.    Memorials shall not be made from Council, but shall be the concern of individual clubs.


        1.    Regular meetings shall be held at 10:30 am on the second Monday in September, February, and May. If this date falls on a legal holiday, the meeting will take place on the following Monday.

        2.    An educational meeting shall be held at 10:30 am on the second Monday of November.

        3.    All business shall be presented at the regular meetings and will be voted on at that time.

        4.    A quorum shall be a majority of those present who are eligible voting members.


        1.    Council shall be represented at State and District Garden Club meetings by the President or her appointee. Registration costs will be paid by the Treasurer of Council.


        1.    Council properties shall not be loaned to any outside person or organization.


        1.    The Standing Committees of the Council shall be: Awards, Birds and Butterflies, Camp Wildwood, Environmental, Fundraiser, National Garden Week, GCSC Project, Yard of the Month, Yearbook, Publicity, Scrapbook and Historian, Chaplain. Special Committees may be appointed as needed.

        2.    Duties of Committee Chairmen:

Awards: to prepare books of evidence for district, state, regional, and national awards. To choose recipients of Council awards, and present at the May meeting.

Birds and Butterflies: keep Council members informed of needs of birds and butterflies and encourage Backyard Wildlife Habitats.

Camp Wildwood: Select students for Council to sponsor for Camp Wildwood, and be responsible for applications and arrangements for students chosen.

Environmental: Present information regarding water and soil conservation, air quality, recycling, composting and any other pertinent topics.

Fundraiser: work with the Council in choosing and administering the fundraiser chosen for that year.

National Garden Week: serve as a resource for clubs in choosing an activity for National Garden Week and assuring publicity is provided. Administer a Council project if one is chosen for that year.

GCSC Project: After the incoming state president chooses her project(s), inform the member clubs of these and coordinate with the corresponding district and state chairmen.

Yard of the Month: Keep member clubs informed of their month to choose the award and make arrangements for the next club to pick up the signs.

Yearbook: Compile up to date information, type the Council yearbook and arrange for printing.

Scrapbook and Historian: Keep a history of Council by preserving pictures and clippings in a scrapbook.

Chaplain: Provides an inspirational reading and opening prayer prior to each meeting.


        1.     The immediate past president shall serve as Parliamentarian.

        2.    The rules contained in "Roberts Rules of Order Revised" shall govern the organization.


        1.     Anyone having a zip code of 29841 or 29860 is eligible. No person shall receive this award more than once in five years.


        1.     The bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a two- thirds vote of the present and voting delegates. The proposed amendment will be read at the meeting. A quorum must be present.

        2.    Bylaws revised: August 22, 2002; May, 2004; September, 2009

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